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FAQ’s – Baby Led Weaning Course

  1. When is the best time to come on the course? Ideally before your baby starts weaning so around 4-5 months old although if you have started and are having difficulties then you can join after you’ve started to get some help.
  2. Where is the course held? The course is held at my home in Allington, Maidstone as this offers a relaxed and friendly environment to bring your baby along to whilst learning about weaning.
  3. How long is the course? The course is 6 consecutive weeks with each session lasting 1 hour at 10am -11am each week.
  4. How do I book a place on the course? You can download the booking form from the website and email me to this or request a form by email. A £20 deposit is needed to secure your place.
  5. How much is the course and how do I pay? The 6 week course is £65 and you can pay via my website in full or with a deposit of £20, or by cheque to my home address or bank transfer. I also have a credit card machine for card payments.
  6. What happens if I miss a session or I cannot attend all six classes? I will always make sure you catch up with any information missed plus you will have the notes in your course manual. You also get the opportunity to attend any missed sessions when I next run the course.
  7. How often do you run the course? The course is run throughout the year so check the website for dates and availability.
  8. I have started weaning early; can I still attend the course? Of course, you can still get all of the help and information you need and move your baby from pureed foods to finger foods.
  9. I am concerned about choking, is this covered? Yes, choking is fully covered as part of the course. Please be aware that there is no increased risk of choking by using the baby led method.
  10. I really do not know what I’m supposed to give my baby, will you be providing us with a list of foods and which to avoid? Yes, you will be given lots of ideas for first foods, those to limit and those to avoid plus a first week’s plan with shopping list. There are also lots of recipes in your manual.
  11. My mother-in-law is very sceptical, can I bring her along? I appreciate that weaning has moved on considerably and for this reason I offer a workshop for Grandparents so that they can feel confident when looking after your baby led weaned baby. Refer to the website for dates.
  12. My child is going to start nursery at 6 months, can I still do baby led weaning? Yes, most nurseries are fully aware of baby led weaning and I can give you plenty of advice on how to make this easy even if you are going back to work.
  13. I am worried about quantities, how much should I give my baby? This is fully covered on the course so you will know exactly how much to give and what your baby needs?
  14. My baby has food intolerances, is this course suitable? Yes, I am a Nutritionist experienced in dealing with food intolerances and allergies. This is course is perfect for you as I will cover this during the course and advise you accordingly. I have a great deal of personal experience here as I’m suffered with food intolerances and asthma since childhood and my children have also inherited these tendencies!
  15. I have twins, is this course suitable? Using this method with twins is highly recommended; it will give them independence from the start and allow you to eat your meal with them. There have been lots of twins attend my course and their parents would all urge you to do baby led weaning and make your life easier!
  16. My baby was premature, can I still do baby led weaning? Yes you can although you will need to be guided by your baby and start when they are ready. Some of the prem babies have not been ready until 9 months. As long as they are getting their milk feeds, this is perfectly ok.
  17. My bay has reflux and I’ve been advised to wean early, can I still do baby led weaning? Reflux is an interesting one and I always like to find out why the baby has reflux. I do not agree with early weaning as this can cause further problems. Baby led weaning can actually help as your baby can be fully in control of their food intake. It is better to have a chat with me about this in more detail.
  18. Where can I get more information? The first place to look is my facebook page Spring Nutrition, as I post everyday giving advice, tips and recipes. You can also download my free tips for successful weaning via the website. For any questions not answered here –please do contact me by email or phone.

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